Voyages de luxe

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Anyone who knows me well, will tell you that I am a huge fan of Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot.

Admirer of 1920s glamour, opulent fashion and art deco design, it follows that a trip on the Orient Express is top of my list when it comes to dream voyages.

The Orient Express is synonymous with bygone opulence, romance and intrigue, certainly in part thanks to Agatha Christie and of course, Poirot, in Murder on the Orient Express. Train travel at its very best, I can only imagine that a voyage on the Orient Express would be out of this world… which it would certainly need to be for the price!

In this blog I will share with you some of the details of a voyage on the Orient Express, key vocabulary and texts in French and finally an opportunity to book a trip through a friend of mine who runs her own travel company. 

Voyager est un art, comme illustrent à la perfection les élégantes cabines de l’Orient Express.

Le jour, les cabines à deux lits superposés vous proposent une banquette confortable d’où vous pouvez contempler le paysage qui défile sous vos yeux. La nuit, elles se transforment en chambres accueillantes, offrant un éclairage tamisé et des draps damassés. Les Cabines Suites sont les plus luxueuses et spacieuses, propice à la détente.

SOURCE: Orient Express


Comprehension activity:

Match up the beginning and the end of each phrase

In the day…the cabins are transformed into welcoming bedrooms.
In the evening…you can contemplate the countryside.
The suites…are warmly lit and have damask sheets.
The cabines…are the most luxurious.
From the couch…the cabins have a comfortable couch.


The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Deux lits superposés

Bunk beds

Une banquette

A couch / unholstered bench

Le paysage

The countryside

Chambres accueillantes

Welcoming bedrooms

Un éclairage tamisé

Ambient lighting

Des draps damassés 

Damask linen

Propice à

Conducive to

La détente


Selon moi…

Although any stay on the Orient Express would be just wonderful, I would certainly prefer to stay in a private suite!

I can just imagine spending the day relaxing in my suite, sipping champagne whilst watching the beautiful countryside rush by… then donning my best gown and heading to the restaurant for an evening of fine dining.

Very Poirot esq. Without the murder!

I don’t know about you…

…but I would love to have a reason to get dressed up! I have several gowns that I have collected over the years and although none of them would probably now fit and I would have to buy a new one… to be honest I would probably just want to buy a new one anyway so that really begs the question why am I holding on to my gowns? Just for posterity’s sake I guess. Do you do that too?

I would just love the excuse to wear a floor length sparkly dress like the one in this photo (but with less cleavage on show). I think I would have to go full on Poirot / Art deco glamour with the hair and make-up too!


The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

Le chef cuisinier primé Jean Imbert a rejoint le train légendaire, marquant une nouvelle ère gastronomique d’exception à bord. Jean Imbert associe le riche patrimoine du Venice Simplon-Orient-Express et sa propre passion pour les produits frais de saison pour créer des moments de perfection culinaire.

En repensant l’ambiance du restaurant et en apportant un niveau de précision classique à chaque menu, vous pouvez vous attendre à un véritable voyage gastronomique lors de vos visites des villes les plus exceptionnelles d’Europe.


Comprehension activity:

Finish the phrases from the first half of the text…

1) The head chef Imbert has joined the …
2) marking a new …
3) Imbert associates the … of the Orient-Express
4) with his … passion for …
5) to create …

Jean Imbert

Voted Chef of the Year 2019 by GQ and one of the 50 Most Influential French People by Vanity Fair. Jean Imbert’s vision is to restore the glory of ancient French cuisine, with a new energy and vibrant soul.

Classical french cuisine with a new twist, adding the focus on fresh and seasonal produce this partnership sounds ideal. I am not, however, a massive fan of miniscule portions and overly fussy dishes with ridiculous names… do you think that’s what I would be confronted with on the Orient Express?

Le train

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

<strong>Le train</strong>
Le train

accueillir – to welcome
passagers – passengers
Outre – other (than)
à bord – On board
Voitures – cars
<strong>Les restaurants</strong>
Les restaurants

savoureuse – delicious
Verrerie – glassware
Argenterie – Silverware
Nappes – Linen
rappelle – reminds
<strong>Le piano-bar</strong>
Le piano-bar

divertissement – entertainment
le lieu – the place
rencontrer – to meet
les autres – others
un verre – a glass

Infos pratiques…

Le train peut accueillir 179 passagers. Outre les voitures-lits, on trouve à bord trois voitures-restaurants et une voiture-bar avec une boutique. 

– Les trois restaurants promettent des expériences gastronomiques. On y mange une cuisine française et italienne savoureuse. Verrerie en cristal, argenterie et nappes damassées, toute la décoration rappelle l’époque des Années folles. 

– Côté divertissementle centre du train est le lieu de rendez-vous pour rencontrer les autres passagers autour d’un verre, tout en profitant de l’ambiance piano-bar d’antan.

Jean Imbert’s vision is to restore the glory of ancient French cuisine, with a new energy and vibrant soul.

Bon voyage

The Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

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