Learning together can have great benefits!

Group Learning
will develop your

  • Independence
  • Spoken language
  • Conversational skills
  • Accent
  • Confidence
  • Vocabulary
  • Sponteneity 
  • Passion

Joint lessons

Joint lessons (or 1:2 sessions) are like 1:1 classes but with two students and one teacher.

These type of classes are really nice for couples who want to learn French together as well as friends and colleagues who wish to learn how to have conversations with one another, and work towards shared learning goals.

By having a shared lesson, you can practice new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and spoken skills together and build your confidence alongside with someone you know.

It is essential, however that you are of a similar ability level so that both parties can access the material in a similar way and benefit fully from the lessons.

Prices start from £22.50 per person / per lesson
(based on two people learning together)

Joint lessons are also great for students who already have individual 1:1 lessons with me and would like monthly joint sessions to help them progress further.
Loyalty discounts available.

Group conversation classes

In my group sessions, I like to choose a variety of different topics and themes, to maintain interest and expand cultural awareness.

The session usually begins with some vocabulary or grammatical input, followed by group discussion.

The group is a friendly, non judgemental environment where shared learning and confidence building are key.

Group sessions are great for meeting other francophiles and those with a smaller budget.

Many of my students have 1:1 lessons as well as attending conversation class where they can practice their knowledge with others.

Lessons are booked as a block of classes – once booked dates are not changeable or refundable within a block.

Group sessions cost £15pp / per session.

Group classes run with a minimum 3 learners, maximum 6 learners.

Shared lessons are great for…

– people with a similar ability
– sharing aspirations and goals
– sharing a learning project
– friendly competition
– building confidence through learning together
“I have been wanting to do a French conversation class for so long but had neither the confidence nor the opportunity until now.
We just had our first class which was terrific! I feel really excited and inspired.”
Intermediate level student

Terms & Conditions: group classes.



Group classes are booked as a block of 5 classes. Once booked, dates are set and not changeable.Cancellations are not refunded within a block.


Group classes will run with a minimum of 2 students. If you cannot attend a class, please let me know ASAP as this might affect the viability of the class for other students.


If I am unable to run the class or there are too few students for the group session to run, you will be credited for that class on your next invoice.