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Hi, I'm Laura
Hi, I’m Laura
the founder of On-français

Love learning the French language?

Whatever your reason for learning French; for work, pleasure, cultural enhancement or to challenge your brain in a different way, I can help!

Through personalised, fun and relevant 1:1 lessons, we will build on your current French knowledge and help you move towards your language learning goals.

Want to be more confident speaking French?

Confidence is the key to success!

My goal as a French teacher is to empower my students to feel confident when communicating in the French language.
Through pronunciation drills, spoken activities and phonics lessons we can work together to improve your spoken French and build your confidence. Grammar and vocabulary work through all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) will help you develop a good understanding of the French language and begin to manipulate and create your own sentences and conversations.

Bespoke French tuition in West Sussex

Personalised, effective tuition.

With over ten years French teaching experience, I am highly skilled in lesson preparation, sequencing and delivery. I am passionate about France and the French language, I love creating interesting lessons abased around a range of French topics and cultural themes. My training and teaching career have enabled me to develop have extensive pedagogical knowledge covering learning styles, teaching practices and methods.

Learn French your way!

There are a variety of options…

Weekly lessons are perfect for most learners: a 1:1 lesson followed by personal study using the resources from the lesson to develop, deepen and embed your new vocabulary or skills. Some learners do prefer a more immersive approach with two lessons a week, and other prefer to fit their lessons around their schedule, having 2-3 lessons per month organised on a monthly basis.

French lessons for adults


My 1:1 lessons are personalised to your language learning requirements and will help you improve your French to achieve your goals. Whatever your motivation to learn French, a personalised 1:1 is targeted, effective and will help you get results. I can help anyone can learn French, no matter your level – as long as you have the desire to learn and a love for all things French!

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French tuition for GCSE


With over 10 years experience teaching GCSE French; I offer professional, high quality and personalised lessons which enable GCSE French students to achieve the best of their ability. 1:1 sessions cover all the key skills with an additional focus on pronunciation and conversational skills for the spoken assessments. My 1:1 tuition is will complement and extend any school based learning.

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Group conversation classes


Group leasons with like minded others. A friendly, non judgemental environment to build upon your French knowledge, improve your spoken skills and build your confidence when speaking in French. 45 minutes group meeting online.

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Why do I deliver my French tuition, lessons and groups online?

For several reasons…

CONFIDENCE: Learning from the comfort of your own home gives you such a boost in terms of confidence, as you are in familiar surroundings and this removes one level of stress. Going back to learning French can be daunting initially, and being in your own space just makes taking that stop a little easier.

FLEXIBILITY: You can do your lesson from anywhere! I have students who learn from their laptops during their lunch break at work, students who learn from their children’s bedrooms to get some peace and quiet, students who learn from their kitchens and students who learn from France when they are on holiday but want to continue with their French tuition!

THE ENVIRONMENT: I am passionate about the environment so all my classes are delivered online – by working from home I am not creating unnecessary pollution travelling to a meeting, and with all content shared online Google Classroom, there is no need to waste paper printing things off.

In person French conversation in Chichester, West Sussex.

Coming soon…

Watch this space!

Book a complimentary online mini-meet with On-francais, Chichester.


My complimentary mini-meet sessions evaluate your level of French and discuss your learning preferences and aims.

How does it work?

1) Book a FREE 30 minute mini-meet on the calendar below.

2) In the mini-meet we will introduce ourselves and discuss your French knowledge, goals and aspirations.

3) We will speak a little French…

4) You can decide how many lessons you would like to book!

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