On-Français 1:1 online tuition

Adult 1:1 tuition
Adult 1:1 tuition

Everyone can learn French!

My 1:1 lessons are personalised to your language learning requirements and will help you improve your French to achieve your personal goals.

Whatever your motivation to learn French, a personalised 1:1 is personalised to your level, effective in helping you improve and really enjoyable!
GCSE 1:1 tuition
GCSE 1:1 tuition

Get exam ready!

With over 10 years experience teaching GCSE French; I offer professional, high quality lessons which enable GCSE French students to achieve the best of their ability.

My 1:1 sessions cover all the key skills with an additional focus on pronunciation and conversational skills for the spoken assessments.

Why choose French tuition with On-français?

Operational Excellence

I always strive to provide an excellent
French learning experience.

However, if there is anything
you would like to change
please just let me know!

Certified Expert

I have studied French for many years, developing an expert knowledge and understanding of the French language and culture through my degree, life experience.

Learning from home

Online lessons are fab!

Learning in your own surroundings provides a low stress learning environment.

Focusing on the task at hand with minimal distractions leads to improved focus and concentration.

Other benefits are easy access to resources, no need to travel and the flexibility to learn
where ever you are!

Quality approach

With over ten years French teaching experience, I am highly skilled in lesson preparation, sequencing and delivery. I have extensive pedagogical knowledge covering learning styles, teaching practices and methods.

Interesting content

Passionate about France and the French language, I love creating interesting lessons abased around
a range of French topics
and cultural themes.

Online resources

After each lesson, I share the lesson content with you in your personal Google Classroom, so that you can go back and review your learning.
No printing costs!