On-Français Pro-guides

A new flexible way to improve pronunciation.

Pro-guides allow you to fit in your learning around your schedule,
without having to commit to a fixed conversation lesson.

What is more, you can revisit any purchased Pro-guide purchased as many times
as you require to help you master French pronunciation.


Extend your French vocabulary.

Vocabulary is grouped based on language assimilation research, which suggests that 7 is optimum number of new words to learn in each learning session.

Improve your pronunciation.

Listen and repeat the lists of French vocabulary to help develop your listening skills and in turn your pronunciation.

Learning on your terms.

Learn French from any device in any location – practice your French wherever you feel most comfortable with these pressure-free resources.

Pronunciation credentials

Laura, French specialist & founder of On-français

Having lived in France and conversed with many French friends and colleagues I have developed excellent pronunciation and an authentic French accent.

You can rest-assured that my pronunciation guides are accurate and will help you improve your French spoken language skills.

Some of the Pro-guides will be delivered by guest voices, to enable you to listen to a range of French accents.