On-Francais online tuition:

Adult 1:1
Adult 1:1
Personal focus
My 1:1 lessons are personalised to your language learning requirements and will help you improve your French to achieve your personal goals.

Whatever your motivation to learn French, a personalised 1:1 is targeted, effective and will help you get results.

Anyone can learn French, no matter your level!

Group lessons
Group lessons
Conversation focus
Join in with like minded adults to improve your spoken French skills!

We cover a range of topics and discussion points each lesson, as well as focusing on a new language focus each lesson for progression.

Group sessions are based on ability, currently I have an intermediate group session which runs Thursday 9.30am, but am looking to start a near beginners group shortly so please let me know if you would be interested.

GCSE 1:1
GCSE 1:1
Exam focus
With over 10 years experience teaching GCSE French; I offer professional, high quality and personalised lessons which enable GCSE French students to achieve the best of their ability.

1:1 sessions cover all the key skills with an additional focus on pronunciation and conversational skills for the spoken assessments.

My 1:1 tuition is will complement and extend any school based learning.

Dear Laura. That was terrific!  I have been wanting to do a French conversation class for so long but had neither the confidence nor the opportunity until now. I feel really excited and inspired. A la semaine prochaine!
Margaret. L
Intermediate learner, weekly group class.