“Soft, delicate nose, with pleasant hints of acacia and hawthorn blossom.

Delicate and fresh in the mouth it has an excellent acid/structure balance.”

Picpoul de Pinet Official Website

Picpoul is an ancient white-wine grape variety, grown in the southern Languedoc-Roussillion region of France.

its name is derived from the verb PICQUER – to sting, describing its zingy flavours and high acidity.

Don’t worry though, its only a gentle “sting” and makes for very easy drinking!


Picpoul has grown in popularity in recent years and can be found in most UK supermarkets.

I have also found some pubs which serve it locally to me, although many restaurants only serve it by the bottle.

LOCAL INFO: The Woodmancote Pub serves Picpoul by the glass!


Picpoul de Pinet goes really well with everything in my opinion, especially cheese!

However the official Picpoul de Pinet gurus suggest pairing it with seafood and shellfish dishes such as salmon, swordfish, scallops in rich buttery sauces and Mediterranean dishes.

Find the French in the text for:
  • The wine producers
  • walkers
  • wine connoisseurs
  • off the beaten track
  • educational walk
  • in the heart of the vines
  • countryside
  • heritage
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Vins, Vignes et TerroirsPicpoul de Pinet

Les vignerons de l’AOC Picpoul de Pinet mèneront randonneurs oenophiles et promeneurs curieux hors des sentiers battus au cours d’une marche pédagogique au cœur des vignes. Lectures de paysages, découverte du patrimoine viticole, et dégustations de vins vous plongeront dans la peau d’un vigneron pour quelques heures.


Après l’effort partagez avec vos guides d’un jour un moment de détente et de convivialité autour d’un repas qui leur ressemble, proposé par un ou plusieurs prestataires et d’un stand de vente des vins dégustés pendant la balade.


Vrai / faux / pas mentionné?

1) C’est une expérience éducative.
2) C’est possible de goûter le vin.
3) La balade dure une heure.
4) Le guide est un homme.
5) Après la balade, on peut acheter du vin.


1) What will you learn about during the vineyard tour?
2) Which parts of the vineyard will you get to explore?
3) After the tour, what happens?
4) Who provides this?
5) What can you buy?

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If you enjoyed this resource, look out for more social media posts and subscribe to my newsletter!
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